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This is my story from the time when Capt'n John and I first decided to sail around the big block, to circumnavigate this great land of ours, AUSTRALIA.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Red Falls Amphitheatre – Berkeley River

Friday 24th May 2013
Red Falls Amphitheatre – Berkeley River
14'28.957S - 127'40.284E
Before the sun creeps over the cliffs
MrJ tries the 0500 HF radio sked but not a cracker, just a load of crackle over the airways. We were probably too far up the gorge to get any skip over the high cliffs that surrounded AR.
You can see in the background that there is no water coming over Red Falls

The entire day was one of those fizzers; a real lazy day for the both of us. We tried some fishing during the morning, trolling a line across the water at still tide but with no luck at all and no fish for Friday’s dinner. The afternoon was spent catching up with computer work or lazing about the cockpit reading. What a life..!!!

Looking upstream from Red Falls after the sun comes over the top.
MrJ and I had read in our cruising guides that there was supposed to be other falls with water flow; this we will find out tomorrow.
This is me, compacting our plastic rubbish,
every bit of plastic gets cut up and stuffed into
empty bottles.

It is Friday evening; MrJ and I sit back in the cockpit, MrJ with a couple of beers, me with my Gin & soda waters with a dash of lemon, lime & bitters cordial and some cheese and bickies. Just relaxing as the night falls, chatting away about meaningless things; things like the books we are reading or what we did that day or the other day or what the weather was doing or how many insects I had counted by the back step light. See, just trivial things!
Sunset behind the cliffs

We sit back relaxing with our drinks and conversation accompanied by the stillness of our surrounds broken only by the sound of the cricket in the distant bushed, the occasional splashing of small fish being chased by bigger fish or them illusive swimming lizards. The darkness of the night has been illuminated by a glowing full moon spreading its silvery light and sheen across the water, lighting up the canyons along the waterway.

1930h (7.30pm) as the moon was peaking over the cliff top
I did get up at mid-night to experiment with slow shutter speed manual photography at night to see what I could get with the bright moonlight but to no avail. Nothing really turned out any good, well not good enough for my liking. So I went back to bed and you will just have to use your own imagination!


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