How many people get to live their dreams? I am..........!

This is my story from the time when Capt'n John and I first decided to sail around the big block, to circumnavigate this great land of ours, AUSTRALIA.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

South Golburn Island to Valentia Island

Saturday 27th October 2012

South Golburn Island to Valentia Island
11’23.643S – 132’47.243E
storm clouds building
Another six o’clock start! This seems to have become the norm on most of our passages.
Leaving S. Golburn we set a course straight across Aurari Bay for De Courcy Point which then took us around Cape Cockburn at 1140hs down into Mountnorris Bay to Valentia Island where MrJ and I dropped anchor on the southern side just off a beautiful stretch of sandy beach in 5mtr of water at 1350hs.
Cape Cockburn
The morning started our very humid with little wind and low lying cloud threatening to drop a shower.

The showers never came, the cloud still hung around for hours and the morning’s temperature grew hotter. This is what you get up north in the build up to the monsoonal wet season before the rains begin.
the northerlies had also brought the algae
didn't catch a thing.....!

In our secluded anchorage AR was far enough out from the shore for us to be able to catch the coolness of the gentle afternoon sea breeze that zipped through a low valley between the thick tree covered little island. No going ashore, the sticky heat had taken away all our strength and motivation. I grabbed a couple of comfy cockpit cushion, a good book and a large bottle of refreshing cold water and stretched out under the shade of our large covers catching a beautiful breeze as I rested and refuelled my body.

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