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Friday, 16 November 2012

Darwin in Photos #1

Darwin in Photos #1
Saturday 3rd to Saturday 10th November 2012
Okay I have not been doing much writting, but I do have a lot of photos - so here goes...........................
safely behind the locks
old pearl lugger

anyone wanna buy a tour boat
sunrise in the marina
Bits of Darwin CBD
Darwin Mall is the heart of Darwin. Even though most retailing and industry have relocated, Smith St Mall is the tourist centre and original CBD
I have not been in Darwin since 1996 and am amazed at the changes that have happened over the years - sailing in, the tall buildings now dominate the skyline , they were not there before - such a cosmopolitan city these days - this is called progress.

The Victoria Hotel or The Vic as it is commonly known
is a heritage listed pub located in Darwin.
Built in 1890, it is an important historical building
and tourist attraction of inner Darwin.
Water Bearer by Irene Kokkinos. A delightful figure that symbolises the hard work of the Kalymnian Mother. It was the gift of Darwin's sister city of Kalymnos, many of whose inhabitants migrated to darwin from this Greek island in the south eastern Aegean Sea. The statue was erected on 23 April 1982 opposite what was, at the time, the entrance to the Greek Consulate.
Darwin Tourist Information Centre - For maps, planning tools, bookings and free advice.
Corner of Smith & Bennet Street, Darwin City
Duck About Tours offer Darwin tourists
the chance to tour Darwin by land and sea on their unique amphibious vehicles
Lyons Cottage, located on the corner of Knuckey Street and the Esplanade, Darwin, was built for the Eastern Extension Australasian and China Telegraph Company Ltd  in 1925.(the successor of the British Australian Telegraph from 1873)
The cottage was the residence of the company engineer and built from 'hammered stone'. It was the first stone building constructed in Darwin for 30 years and local stone was used to construct this unusual and unique domestic design.
Marina Life
birds at sunrise
brilliant sunsets
walks along the creek
visiting friends
Parap Village Markets
Every Saturday morning the Parap Village Markets entice and delight with bustling colourful life. A treasured institution since 1982, the Parap Village Markets house a diverse gathering of stallholders who set up under shady trees, awnings and umbrellas to sell their wares.
lots of stall holders - clothes, food and bits of everything
these girls make a mean fruit smoothie
anything from secondhand crockery to bright new Christmas decoration
recycled metal art caught my eye
 And so ends to my first week in Darwin, back home on ALANA ROSE in the Bayview Marina.
evening covers the marina

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