How many people get to live their dreams? I am..........!

This is my story from the time when Capt'n John and I first decided to sail around the big block, to circumnavigate this great land of ours, AUSTRALIA.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Fast Run into Darwin

Friday 2nd November 2012
morning on the water

A Fast Run into Darwin
12’25.683S – 130’49.522E
cutting past Melville Island

MrJ and I must have gotten the tidal flows right as our run into Darwin was a real buzz.
sunrise at sea
We left Alcaro Bay just after 0300h, to sail through the Dundas Strait,

the barge heads for the islands

skirted the southern end of Melville Island
speeds between 9.9 and 12.3knts

into the Van Diemen Gulf
no sail work needed

then on through the Clarence Strait
too fast for trolling

and into the Beagle Gulf
just sit back, enjoy the ride and watch the hours pass

to drop anchor, before dark, some twelve hours later
eddies and whirlpools with the turbulent currents

our first glimpse of Darwin
time to bring in the sails
out from the sailing club in Fannie Bay Darwin.

then sit back with a coldie or two while waiting for the sun to set across Darwin Harbour

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