How many people get to live their dreams? I am..........!

This is my story from the time when Capt'n John and I first decided to sail around the big block, to circumnavigate this great land of ours, AUSTRALIA.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

From the Escape River to Cape York and Seisia

leaving the Escape River
From the Escape River to Cape York and Seisia
Friday 12th October 2012
10’50.885S – 142’21.773E

Up early once again to be on our way, this time to sail the top of Cape York and to become a “Caper”.
I did feel a little sad to be leaving such a beautiful river as the Escape without having much time to appreciate its splendour a little better and not being able to enjoy the company of Rusty and Bronwyn. I bet they get a lot of passing boat that call in.

The Albany Passage
0800hs AR was approaching the Albany Passage with less than a n/mile between the island and the mainland and where the tide and currents run fast and strong.

 MrJ says that AR was doing 10knts through the passage and it seemed to be fairly calm.

fishing in the current
MrJ and I round the furthest most point of the Australian mainland, Cape York, and outside York Island to anchor in the Cape York anchorage. 10’41.592S – 142’31.492E
Cape York, Eborac and York Islands
The very top of Australia
The very tip - looking between Eborac and York Islands

We have landed

We go ashore for a celebration cuppa and cake, taking our Shaggers (SICYC) flag with us. We are "Capers" now! Or is that Caper Shaggers or Shagger Capers? The mind boggles....................!

MrJ thinks that he saw what could be a big croc laying low in the sand not too far away, so we pack up and leave quickly. Later, in the photo, it turns out to be just a big old log. Silly boy! But it certainly made me move fast!

Steaming away from Cape York we round Possession Island, this is where captain Cook first took possession of the east coast of Australia and is mark with a white monument that we can clearly see as we pass.

Cook's monument
Only a short passage from Possession Island and then we were coming into the leads, round Red Island and into the port of Seisia. Not a hard place to get into not like we are lead to believe as per the Lucas book, with plenty of room to anchor and well marked.

The big Sea Swift barge was pulling out just as we were dropping our anchor and a small tinny flew past with several local people on board.

Welcome to Seisia and the Cape.

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