How many people get to live their dreams? I am..........!

This is my story from the time when Capt'n John and I first decided to sail around the big block, to circumnavigate this great land of ours, AUSTRALIA.

Saturday, 26 July 2014


26th April - 2nd May 2014

leaving the Clarence River at first light and what a brilliant morning it was
another yacht passes us as we both approach Cape Byron
Cape Byron Lighthouse
Standing on a bald rocky headland with a precipitous cliff on the east side, and a sheer drop of approximately 100 metres, Cape Byron Lighthouse is the most easterly light in Australia, and one of the most powerful.
MrJ was busy hauling in a good size Yellow fin Tuna
the sloping hill of the Far North Coast of NSW
with Mount Warning in the background
MrJ and I were having a great sail on calm seas
the sun sets across the hills
we sail on into the night
we approach the Gold Coast Seaway a little after mid-night
and drop anchor in a calm anchorage just inside the Broadwater,
grabbing a couple of hours sleep then watching the sun get up
blue hour across the Broadwater
then my peace is disturbed - welcome to the Gold Coast
time to move on
we are not the only cruisers on the waterway this morning
the other boat steam up the waterway, 
we turn into the anchorage behind Sovereign Island
yep, I really missed this!
the Gold Coast is full of flashy things
and plenty of bright colours
and crowded anchorages
I loved to watch the storm clouds come rolling in
arrrrrr - one of those noisy machines cuts into my peace and quiet
this is Paradise Point, a great little, sheltered family beach
anchored in Paradise did not last forever
a huge squall came through, the winds so strong and swirlie that we had to move to another anchorage
(always anchoring in stormy weather)
later in the day after the storm had  blown through we went back to Paradise Point
to the anchorage on the other side of the bridge
we were soon joined by Neriki
Shelly broke out the bubble, it was time to celebrate being back with great boating friends again!
Hugs Shell.....!!!

the next morning we move further to an anchorage in Tippler's Passage
it was good to see so much bird life 
a flock of pelicans in uniformed flight

at our new anchorage I met some new friend but when I would not feed the
they went to visit the next boat
Tippler's Passage
the golden colours of the afternoon begin to cover the waterway
classic afternoon colours fill the sky and bleed into the water
MrJ gets some quiet time
maybe he is thinking of our future plans
our first night at anchor, and what a glorious evening display
second day at Tippler's and the morning was as good as the night
the tourist's boat still operate
but there is plenty of room for us cruisers to take over the waterway
Barry Brackenborough's boat Sa-Lesi
MrJ and I went ashore, good to see the wildlife is still around
local wallaby owns the beach
and now there are new BBQs and a swimming area for families - great!
two Leopard cats on the prowl, Neriki and ALANA ROSE
another wonderful night on the water
Took advantage of the wonderful weather, to do a bit of exploring on the island, South Stradbroke Island and ended up on the eastern beach side.
Neriki has left leaving AR to a peaceful time
MrJ and I went explore along the sandy pathways. The undergrowth
was thick with lush green fern.

the sandy pathway took us to the eastern shore
out on the beach I could see all the way back to the Gold Coast
a couple of Oyster Catchers were enjoying the nice weather
no shoes need on this beach
only you gotta watch out for the 4X4's

too far to walk, let's fly.....................................!!!

MrJ goes for a paddle

found a few prickly pear plants on the edge of the sand dune
plenty of native Banksia trues through the sandy landscape
a few Maggies strutting their stuff
and the occasional goanna in the undergrowth
the sun set on another wonderful day!
the day fold into night

The next morning I was woken to the sound of rain, lots of rain, heaps of rain!

and then it rained
a complete white out
It was time to be moving on, time to be heading to the marina at Manly, time to end our journey..........

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