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This is my story from the time when Capt'n John and I first decided to sail around the big block, to circumnavigate this great land of ours, AUSTRALIA.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Wet Home Run

A Wet Home Run
2nd May 2014

The rain that had come in the night before had not and was not letting up. Looks like our home run was going to be a wet one. As I recall, seems nearly all our passages have been making runners in the rain.

good to see the sea bird population is thriving
what a treat to be able to see such a magnificent bird up so close
our passage down the channels of the inland waterway between the mainland and the islands of the south east QLD
took us past Jacobs Wells, a very small community and a great maned VMR station.
through this waterway we get to some very interesting thing
like this unusual boat/houseboat on a mooring
or this boat that has sunk, still on its mooring
there are many boats and houseboat on mooring along the waterway
the waterway has plenty of space for man and wild life
the weather is not improving, but the journey is lovely
now we were approaching the big overhead wires that went across from the mainland to Russel Island
no worries!
overhead lines are always a worry for a sailing boat wit a tall mast
Neriki make it through too
a powerboat roars past leaving us to rock and roll in its wake
not just any powerboat; the Russel Island Ferry
as the rain settles in again it is the ferry barge's turn to rock us
that was quick.................... the ferry is going back already
oh, that's right - the ferry has big motor and can leave us behind very easily
close marker in the narrow channel out of
Russel Island
looks like the rain has settled in again making the waterway look so isloated 
ALANA ROSE  was spat out of the waterway, out into the bottom end of Moreton Bay as the approaching storm was gathering over Brisbane and rapidly making its way down the bay
the shallow waters of Moreton Bay were being churned up
ALANA ROSE was now heading into this crazy sea
two small sailing boats were out having a bit of fun in the wild weather
this little boat came so close as it passed I was sure
we were going to collide
Marine Parks boat was heading back to base in a hurry
ALANA ROSE gets to the entrance channel to the Manly Boat Harbour just as the little boats are being towed in
looks like everyone is heading in
the channel is wide enough for us all

looks like there has been some dredging in the harbour
just another thing not to hit
ALANA ROSE is in, back in the MBTBC Marina;
the same marina that MrJ and I left for our round the block adventure
two years and seven days ago


THE END..................................

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