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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Memories of Other Days

Tuesday 10th July 2012
Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day!
High winds and rain is all we have been having for the past few days and there is no sign of the rain letting up. Yuk! Means MrJ and I are stuck onboard inside the confines of the saloon finding things to do; trying to keep dry and warm. Playing on the computer is my main option or knitting, cooking and reading are other options or all the above in the one day can be the possibilities. Let’s have a look at what I have been up to on this day over the past six months.

Memories of Other Days - all pictures taken on the 10th day of each month:
January 10 - Evening, anchored in Frying Pan Bay Lake Macquarie NSW while visiting the HouseHouse over summer.

February 10 - Sunrise after an overnight passage from Coff's Harbour NSW to The Seaway Gold Coast QLD

March 10 - Marina time and early morning walks along the esplanade at Manly Boat Harbour Brisbane QLD
April 10 - I am spending my time in the MBTBC Marina by taking photos of just about everything.
May 10 - Keppel Bay Marina. Two weeks after leaving Brisbane the afternoon of ANZAC Day in April and have made it to Keppel Bay
June 10 - Evening anchored in the Newry Islands - one of my favourite places to visit
July 10 - Today, anchored off the Able Point marina Airlie beach QLD - rain, rain go away, come again another day

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  1. Know the feeling. - we are at Mt Buller and it's raining here too! Hope it clears up for you soon! Craig & Kerry