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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Living in the Work Yard

Monday 4th June 2012

Living in the Work Yard

A foggy sunrise

All you seem to do is work...!!!

Is that’s why they call it a work yard?

Wash the hulls, rub back the old paint, apply the new stuff, sand this, polish that, clean the inside, clean the decks........................on and on and on...................!!!

Then there is the climbing up and down the ladder whenever you need to get onto the boat or off the boat. Especially at some ungodly hour to run to the loo....!!!!!
MrJ painting

Your clothes get filthy, your hands and feet get filthy, your hair gets filthy, your whole body gets filthy and then you have to climb down the ladder to go to the shower which is either in the “men’s” or half a mile away in the ladies at the marina. You would think that there would be at least one shower in the ladies at the work yard! Do they not think that women are working on boats in the yard?

Oh that shower; oh so heavenly.............................washing away all that dirt!
Me sanding back the props

Up and down the ladder, up and down the ladder; wash, clean, polish, sand, shower, day in day out for days at a time with one day off to race to town to get supplies. The best part about working in the yard is when the end of the day comes, you have had that wonderful shower and you are sitting and watch the setting sun with a nice cold glass of beer or Gin & Tonic. Now is the time you can look at your work and say - Well Done!

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