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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Walked a Blister on My Foot – Able Point

Friday 22/06/12
Walked a Blister on My Foot – Able Point
Beautiful Whitsunday weather
Morning sunrise
There was a spectacular sunrise this morning, a sunrise to tell us that there is a change on the way and we will have to keep a look out. This morning MrJ and I decides to walk into Bunning’s Store in Cannonvale a 3 to 4k hike from the marina dinghy dock with Gary and Mercedes. Of course we all had to have a sausage sanga that are always on sale out the front. Inside, MrJ bought some new water hose and four small solar lights for the boat. I bought some more potting mix for my little garden, for my play time. I’ve got my priorities right!

On the walk home we stopped at the Whitsunday shopping centre where we had a coffee break and I was able to buy some new post card which I was unable to get in Mackay. I love to send post cards to the grandkid, to keep in touch with them and let them know where we are and what we have been up to.
The walk to Cannonvale
Silly me decided to wear sandal instead of my hiking shoe and now am suffering with a large blister on the ball of my right foot. Some days you just want to look good, dress a little better to feel good instead of getting around in your “grotty yachty” clothes but then some days it just does not pay off.

MrJ and I invited Ric over for dinner; not because Shelly was away, just because he is a good friend and we had not touched base for a day or two. It is still not too cold in the evening not to be able to eat in the cockpit if we put the covers down enclosing the whole area. It was luck that MrJ and I had chosen to do so as no sooner that we sat down for our pre-dinner drink than did the sky open up sending the rain down in bucket’s full. MrJ had to construct an awning over the BBQ.

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