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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Bread Making On Board

Bread Making by nauticalnancy - gone sailing
I have this bread making all wrapped up
Bread Making, a photo by nauticalnancy - gone sailing on Flickr.
28th April 2012
Cooking Bread in the Rain
Very overcast, cool, 20*C. Rain, rain and more rain.......................!
Still sitting in Garry’s Anchorage, will be for a couple of more days; the rain has set in and the weather bureau predicts high winds and more rain. Just what I need!
This morning I am trying to make some bread. I bought a heap of pre-packaged bread making bags; all packed in single loaf quantity and little packets of dry yeast to match. To get the bread dough to rise I wrapped the bowl in a warn wet tea towel and place the bowl on a wooden board over a pot of hot water on the stove; just giving enough heat under the bowl to keep the water in the pot warm to hot but not boiling. Did this twice for the rising and then popped the bowl into my Thermos Shuttle Chef steamer to partly cook on the stove top just like a steamed pudding and partly in the Thermos Pot. Makes a great soft loaf of bread; just have to keep the Skipper away once I turn the warm bread out. ;o))))

Not going anywhere today - was all I could do to poke my head out to get this shot

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